UTM Manager

Clean up your UTM codes with UTM Manager

UTM Manager is a great way to generate, share and sync UTM codes within your marketing team.

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Organize your UTM codes

With UTM Manager you can easily maintain list of allowed values for each of your UTM codes: utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium etc.

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Export and share your UTM codes

Export your UTM codes to Excel and share the lists within your marketing team to get everybody aligned.

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Scan and Monitor your UTM codes automatically

UTM Manager will scan you Google Analytics and report to you when it finds UTM codes that are not yet in your UTM lists.

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UTM Manager

Alert on unapproved UTM codes

When unapproved UTM codes are found, UTM Manager will alert you so that you quickly can address the issue and make sure you get clean campaign data in your reporting.

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  • Up until 10 users
  • Up until 100 UTM codes
  • Export to Excel
  • One workspace


$25/mo $0/mo
  • Up until 100 users
  • Up until 1000 UTM codes
  • Export to Excel
  • Unlimited workspaces

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$25/month $0/month

UTM Codes
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