What is a tag management service?

A tag management service is a website or integrated app that helps you manage your social media content and make it easier for brands to find, curate, and use your content. Tag management services often help you manage the volume of tags on your account by identifying trending words, phrases, or hashtags across different networks and suggesting which ones might be worth using. This can help generate more engagement on your posts.

How does tag management work?

If you have a large number of brand or client accounts to manage, using a tag management service can help you save time and keep your social media presence consistent across all of your accounts. You can add the same tags on each account without updating each account individually. They may also offer keyword monitoring to help you focus on what your customers and followers are searching for so that you can use those terms in your social media posts.

Tag management strategy

  1. 1. Plan which type of accounts you want to use a tag management service, such as your brand account or a client's business account.
  2. 2. Decide what kind of social media content you want to use with a tag management service and how much engagement you want to achieve; think about how many posts per day and week you can make on each account, as well as how many words or characters you can use in each post.
  3. 3. Look for a tag management service with features you want, such as keyword analysis, content analysis, and the ability to monitor multiple social media accounts. Compare the services that interest you by evaluating the price of each one or their free trial periods.
  4. 4. Read reviews of tag management services to check whether customers are happy with the service they are getting and its overall value.
  5. 5. Consider using a tag management service for your brand account and a separate one for each client.
  6. 6. Determine the social media networks you want to manage.

How do we Deploy a Tag Management Solution?

You can implement a tag management service using various options, including an on-premise installation or hosted software that your organization purchases from an online marketplace. You can also use different tools from different vendors in combination to create a robust social media content management system customized to your business and marketing priorities. For example, you might consider integrating your social media account registration with a content management platform (CMP) so that it is faster and easier for employees to post updates for their company on multiple sites and accounts across many networks.

What are the advantages of a tag management solution?

Using a tag management solution rather than updating each social media account individually can save you time and effort. Using different tools from different vendors in combination can help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.